What is Twiiger?

Twiiger is an acronym for Turkey, Wales, Ireland, Iceland, Germany encouraging respect.  Ours is a partnership of five schools who have come together under the European Schools’  initiative – Comenius.  The title of our project Respect:  Think Globally – Act Locally.

There are three main threads in our project.  Firstly, we begin by examining how important it is to respect ourselves.  Having  respect for ourselves, then, lends itself to having respect for others;  friends and family.  Finally, we turn to respecting our wider community and ultimately our world.

We will endeavor to instill in  our students that what we do or say, however insignificant, has the potential to affect change at a personal, local or indeed a global level.  This is the thinking behind our title – RESPECT; Think Globally – Act Locally.

In so doing, we aim to make students aware that respect, whatever language or culture, is a universal pillar of communication.